Locally sourced, sustainable, unique selection of handmade leather products of the highest quality.

The Story of Mukanya

The story of Mukanya Creations started as a timeless hobby from an individual who wanted to demonstrate that before civilisation all people had were the skills in their hands. He wanted to demonstrate the skill of handmade leather stitching on all products. Mukanya comes from the clan name called Soko Mukanya which is a representation of boldness and an adventurer. This has now translated directly into his brand of Mukanya Creations.

Mukanya Creations is a local business found in the heart of Hout Bay in Cape Town. We strongly believe in sustainability and supporting local. All of our materials are locally and sustainably sourced. Mukanya Creations specialises in the authentically hand crafted leather products with a unique touch. Our creations are given the utmost and unwavering attention to detail and fulfilling all customer expectations towards quality and skill.

Our physical store offers more than our leather based product ranges, we offer unique local products from other local businesses. We offer a special service to those who crave a personalised hand crafted leather product.We offer services in customised and personalised leather products made to your wants. Every item that is made whether it is customised or not, is made with the highest quality and skill which provides the overall customer experience.